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Richard Simmons

Location: West / South
Worked from 1994 until 1998.
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I started my first year in Yonkers with Bill Lauther on Conko's Circus. After that I joined the Spectacular division headed by Jim Caskey and worked my way up to be the 1'st Foreman of the G-FORCE. I'd like to thank MR. CONKLIN and his staff for giving me a chance.

Daniel Simpson a.k.a. " Chief"

Circuit: Canada's Conklin Shows
Location: Dade County Fair & Exposition
Worked from 1997 until 1998.
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My first Memories are of being terrified on the BumbleBees which i have to laugh at every Time i remember it but Also i remember seeing The Giant wheel at night and watching it Spin i wasnt allowed on it way back then bc i was "too Small" { eh i was only 3-4} but being raised somewhat "sheltered " The Fair { as it is now called} was the high point of my year and i always had a CountDown starting January forst of each year. lol i annoyed the crap out of m class mates back tehn and i drew The Clown on EVERYthing from schoolbooks to the back of my Hand { remember the P.O.P stamps?} the best came when i turned 16 and the D.C.YF&E allowed me to work with them in the information Booth. I managed to attend 11 of the 18 days the Fair ran in '97 then in 98 after my Family moved to SC i Spent my Spring Break at the Fair helping with the Expo wheel { owned by CumberLand Valley} as well as several of the Games. I was Privileged to be allowed to keep one of the "older" Conklin Trident flags from off the Orbiter when i participated in tearDown '98 currently i work with Big A but that flag hangs in the Doorway {or window} of my Bunkhouse and Flies Proudly off my car during Jumps. Heh My Best Friend and i Even put it on Top of th Rock'n'Roll one night and left it there till morning... as of now it hangs on the Wall in my room awaiting the Next season when i will see it Fly once more. Oh and i even had The Clown tattooed on my right shoulder. Thank you Conklin for all the great Memories Growing up. I only wish i had been old enough to travel.... way back when...

Joey Skinner

Location: West
Email Contact Disabled ...

I worked for Slice on the flume for most of my time with the show. I also work for Mich in pizza and subs with Dave that's where I started.The flume was the best ride and Slice was the best boss.I only met Franck a few times but he seemed to be a good guy I miss the show and the people I met there but I will not work For the new owners its just not the same

Brian Slowleigh

Circuit: Canada's Conklin Shows
Location: CNE, Chum Midway, Stampede, etc...
Worked from 1982 until 1986.
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Started as a joke.. "hey, let's go see if we can score jobs at the Ex" and it turned into an adventure I'd never forget. The first summer was spent learning... the following years were spent havin' fun. It was hard work, and setting up and tearing down was never "fun" but we made it fun. Stocking games with prizes, and passing out in the ball tent... picking up girls, and going back to the trailers for...well... you know... One of the best jobs I ever had and helped make me who I am today.... Long live the Dead Clown Society!!

Percy Smith

Circuit: Trillium Unit
Location: Windsor
Worked for 6 years.
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I worked every time the show came to Windsor for six years.

Jim Smith

Circuit: Canada's Conklin Shows
Location: Lake Ontario Park
Worked from 1975 until 1977 for 3 years.
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I worked for three sumers at one of Conklin's static parks - Lake Ontario Park in Kingston. I loved the work, and each summer worked my way further up. Loved ride manager the best. I thinkit is important that your history (if not already done!) should not forget the noble static park workers - we were always looked down upon by the roadshow types, and they heckled us when we proudly wore our blue Conko polo shirts to the roadshow when it showed up in Kingston, or at the Ex, but we felt just as wasted, as resourceful, and as cool as the roadshow types. It was the best sumemr jobs I ever had, and I've got so many fond memories and funny stories I could not include them here. Feel free to contact me if you want more detail.

Cynthia Smith (Zazulak) a.k.a. Cindy

Circuit: Canada's Conklin Shows
Location: Winnipeg
Worked from 1984 until 1984 for 1 year.
Email Contact Disabled ...

I started with the ex in june of 1984. I had met some of the workers one night when I had gone to the ex with friends and thought that they were really great people. When the ex packed up and left winnipeg to calgary I went with them. I started working at Mr. Mike's and enjoyed all the new people I met. I loved how everyone got along and looked out for one another. It was a different life and i enjoyed every minute of it. Walking to the showers with Joey and Bamma, going off the lot to do laundry, hanging out with Tiny, Bear, Bamma, Joey, and the rest. Going by cab from springfield to Hartford to help out at the waffle wagon. It was a great place and I really enjoyed being a 'carney'

tony smolarski a.k.a. wild-t

Circuit: Trillium Unit
Location: canada /usa
Worked from 1989 until 2010 for 14 years (on and off).
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i started out on the old scooters then worked for john john /john houghouton on his own equipment then eventiully took over the zipper from one of conklins biggest midway showman,elton..I loved all my years so much making thousands of kids smile weekly,so much that when frank sold the show tha it made me pursue that feeling even more so i became the superintendent of a large playground facillty in brantford.onI have so many stories from horrors to tribulations ..miss conklin shows with all my hart...but maybe the old man[jim conklin can revive it and make it prosoper once more.....

Trever D Southall

Location: Supershow
Worked from 1994 until 1999.
Email Contact Disabled ...

No story really...

Chris Spence

Location: West, South Carolina
Worked from 1990 until 1997 for 6 years (on and off).
Email Contact Disabled ...

I was proud to have started my Bingo Boy days; teardown night in Brandon MB in 1990. My cousin Dexter had introduced me to the Negus's (Bob & Bea). Bea's nephew, Bill Jr. took over the joint in 1992, he was a good boss and put up with more than others should. I travelled with the steel joint all the way to Toronto. My crew that stayed most of the way through were, Dexter, Heith, Ian, Lee,the Notorius JAY, Dave, Paul, and the Jones crew. I have many stories of my travels as many of you have as well. I hope someone remembers me and sends me an email. I have moved on to become a successful person. I have taken that Mic experience and barker experience and have started a career in Radio in Toronto. http://www.aboriginalradio.com

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