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This Conklin Shows web site will document the history of the Conklin operations, introduce our Carnival Museum, introduce your Independents and provide a forum for former employees.

Canada’s Conklin Shows & Conklin Shows International, that provided the midway at Miami, Florida’s Dade County Fair, Calgary Alberta’s Calgary Stampede, and The Canadian National Exhibition were sold in 2004 to a US conglomerate. To continue the tradition, Conklin Shows has been reborn. It is now a smaller carnival but with the same philosophy, corporate logo and many of the same senior staff. The carnival office and Winter Quarters still makes its home in Brantford, Ontario. The show's two units play some 60 fairs and events in Ontario.

This site — ConklinShows.com — is dedicated to Conklin History and in addition the site’s goal is to help preserve all components of the North American Outdoor Amusement industry, in particular the carnivals. It will  include all facets of the outdoor amusement industry, manufacturers, suppliers, amusement parks, fairs, and independent shows, rides, games, and food operators (contractors).

The Conklin History will include our route lists, Independents, fairs and event from the 1920s. Many of our past employees can be found in the alumni section. It’s the thousand of  these Conklin Carnies that were responsible for the success of the many units and “operations”.